Wednesday, February 4, 2009


How to keep a diary and stick to it....

"Keeping a diary or journal is a great wat to express your emotions on paper and treasure your experiences. Twenty years from now, you will wonder what you were doing then. At the end, it is a barometer of your personal and emotional growth"

  • Pick out a nice journal or notebook thta reflects your personality

  • Write some information about yourself on the first page. Include a "reward if found" note, just in case it gets lost

  • Start your first entry by labeling the top with the weekday and date, the time and possibly the place you are writing from

  • Take your diary wherever you go and write an entry at least once a day. Write about everyday things

  • Start again if you have a break. Read your old entries and see what you think now in comparison to then

  • If it is a personal diary, make sure you keep it in a safe place

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